Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Thay, Don't Get Thor, Thee?

Hey, here are a few pages of the Thor strip I drew for Panini's Marvel Heroes a while back. It came out last month or so, so I thought I'd post a few pages here now. Enjoy!

Script by rising comics superstar Kieron Gillen, art by me. Weirdly, I had this post lined up for today already, and then woke up to the news on Twitter that Kieron has landed the job of new writer on Marvel's (as in Marvel US, Proper Marvel) THOR series. Huge congratulations to the guy, fantastic news.

I have kind of mixed feelings about how my work turned out here - it was my first go drawing superheroes since I was like 16, and it turns out it's actually prettty hard. Who knew? Anyway, I've done the A-Z of Awesomeness since then, which gave me a bit more practice, so I'm slightly more confident with the whole massive-biceps-and-implausible-poses thing now.

Bonus art! Here's one of my warm-up /practise sketches of the big guy.




  1. Extremely nice work! And congrats to all involved! I especially like the army of trolls attacking what I assume is a "troll". :D

  2. That is pretty much the gag, yep ;)

  3. Beautiful line art and colours! I don't know the technical term... colouring? Colourisation? Painting? bah.

    May I ask if the poster sized A-Z is still something you have in the pipeline? I am itching to have Doctor Who defeating Doctor Doom in a deadly disco dance-off draped over my decor!

  4. A-Z poster almost done, promise! Today or tomorrow, hopefully :D