Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Big Pile of Bulldog

My dear friend, acclaimed writer and corrupting influence who helped drag me into this hellish life of comics Jason Cobley is having a sale on his blog where you can buy a copy of his collected Best of Bulldog for a mere fiver! To commemorate this occasion in momentous fashion I thought I would... uh, stick up a bunch of old Bulldog art I could find lying around on my hard drive. Hooray!


I contributed art on several strips over the course of Bulldog Adventure Magazine, Jason's long-running anthology UK small press comic which chronicled the adventures of Captain Winston Bulldog. (He was a dog who flew planes, shot people, and was often rather sarcastic. It was pretty awesome.)

Check out the moire on that sumbitch
That one, too.

The above pages are from what I think was the last strip I drew for BAM, and unfortunately are the earliest stuff to be found in the dark depths of my backup drive, so in order to see my truly embarrassing teenage artwork I guess you will have to go and buy the book! (That wasn't much of a sales pitch, was it? You really should go and buy the book, it's got some great stuff in there - early work by Paul J Holden, Paul Harrison-Davies, the mighty Mitzi and many others, not to mention several gorgeous strips by Kieran Macdonald, who was and remains one of my favourite comics artists of all time, despite not having actually drawn any comics in 15 years or thereabouts.)

Anyway, after BAM wrapped up me and Jason did a Bulldog mini-series called 'Empire', which I do still have a bunch of sketches and development art and stuff lying around for, so here is some of that!

empire ad

Empire then got picked up and included in the Mammoth Book of Best New Manga, and after that I was such a big-time rich famous comics artist* I didn't have time to draw small press stuff any more, but I do have a bunch of copies still lying around in a box in my studio somewhere, which a couple of people have asked about recently, so I will try and set up some means to actually purchase them via the interwebs. Check back later this week! And in the meantime, again, why not go buy Jason's book?

keiko in action BW

*...you... you do know I'm joking, right?

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  1. Man that steaming mech is pure awesome... So is the panda ninja babe.