Monday, 24 January 2011

Introducing... Finn-Bot!

Finn Mo-bot RGB v3 600px

A sneak peek at the star of Mo-Bot High book two?

Back in December at the Mo-Bot High Launch Party, we had a raffle to win a portait and custom personalised mo-bot, and here is the result! The contest was won by Finn Carter and here he is with his mo-bot, designed to his precise specifications. (Bright red and absolutely covered in guns, swords and missile launchers - that's my kind of a brief!) And I just managed to get it finished in time for his birthday, so HURRAH all round!

Congratulations and indeed Happy Birthday to Finn - I hope your mo-bot brings you many joyful years of Smashing Things and Blowing Stuff Up.

This was fun to do - I might try and do some kind of online version of the raffle at some point, to give someone else a chance to win *their* own mo-bot. Everyone should get to have their own mo-bot. What a beautiful world that would be.

I shall be out on the road this week, spreading my message of giant robotic love and Blowing Stuff Up - off to Leicester tomorrow to do a couple of library events and then to Hove and Lewes for a mini book tour of school and bookshop events later in the week. Will be sure to blog all about it when I get back! Or indeed while I'm on the road, in a bold experiment in blogging-from-hotel-rooms-and-trains. IT WILL BE VERY EXCITING.

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