Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Devon Knows


Karate-kicking Dinosaurs! The back of Neill's head! And other such excitements.

I'm going to be down in Devon doing various EXCITING EVENTS over the next couple of weeks, and as some of them are open to the public I thought I'd give the details here in case any Devonians (is that the correct term?) reading this blog fancy coming along and learning how to TELL STORIES WITH PICTURES and all that fun stuff. The schedule is:

Thursday 24th FebruaryFriday 25th February

Thursday March 3rd (World Book Day)

    Please do come along, or pass on to any Devonians of your acquaintance who might be interested in FUN THINGS to divert their kids during half term week. We will be drawing comics, learning about how to create your own characters, making silly jokes, all that good stuff!


  1. Any chance you might do something like this in Southampton area sometime? If you're waiting on an invite can I stick my nose in and start harrassing people? Paul Harrison-Davies put me onto your artwork by the way.

  2. Hi Peter! PLease, by all means feel free to start harrassing. I'd be delighted to come to Southampton but yeah, would generally need a school / library to invite me first!

    I guess I could always just show up and start drawing comics at the bus station or something, but that might seem a little odd.

  3. Cool. I'll chat with my daughter's teacher and school librarian and see if I can raise some interest. Chat with some other librarians and schools too. You never know, might be able to make something happen.