Tuesday, 13 December 2011


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Judge Mo-Bot

Judge Mo-Bot! You want a bigger version? HERE is your bigger version.

Here is today's drawing for Mo-Bot Blog Week! Enjoy!

The SECRET ORIGIN of today's drawing: I was at the 2D festival in Derry, and I remember a couple of fine comics artists - Rufus Dayglo and Rob Davis, if memory serves - saying that they'd never really found "their" Judge Dredds; that whenever they tried drawing him, Mike McMahon's version came out, so profound was the influence of that great artist and his defining work on that character.

Anyway, that resonated with me. I've tried drawing Judge Dredd a couple times but it's never really worked - largely, I think, because I've never found "my" version either. (Not due to McMahon-influence in my case; much as I love that guy's work, I was always more of a Bolland kid. Make of that what you will). So I started thinking: what would my Judge Dredd look like?

Well, obviously he'd be a massive neon giant robot. I can't believe I didn't see it right away.

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Judge Mo-Bot Sketches


  1. Brilliant!

    Over at the forums of Warren Ellis' Freak Angels Si Spurrier is running a "Re-imagine Judge Dredd" thread this week: http://freakangels.com/whitechapel/comments.php?DiscussionID=10387&page=3

  2. oh yeah! Someone else just pointed that out to me on twitter - have posted it there too, thanks!

  3. This is amazing.

    You must send it to Tharg immediately!

    Oh... and have a good Christmas.

    Matt Badham