Monday, 25 June 2012

This weekend: Pop-Up Big-Top AWESOME COMICS FUN TIMES!

This Saturday (30th June) in central London sees an event I'm frankly quite head-swimmingly excited about - the COMICS BIG-TOP OF AWESOME! Organised by m'colleague, the wonderful Sarah McIntyre (from whose blog I've nicked all the pictures to accompany this post) as part of the fantastic Pop-Up Festival, a weekend of free events and experiences celebrating books, stories and imagination for children, teenagers and families!

There's going to be a tent full of amazing comics stuff going on all day - the idea is to put on a comics festival like ComICA Comiket or something but, y'know, for kids - so there'll be a real focus on getting kids to make their own comics, giving them ideas and tips to get started and playing all manner of comics-related silly fun drawing games. It should be lots of fun - just look at the line-up of fantastic cartoonists that'll be there, drawing and helping out all day:

Sarah McIntyre

Gary Northfield

Nana Li

Jamie Smart

Neill Cameron (handsome fellow)

Jamie Littler

David O'Connell

And last but by absolutely no means least, 11-year-old comics-maker extraorinaire, Zoom Rockman!

 Here's the full line-up for the day's festivities:

Noon - COMICS BIG-TOP OF AWESOME opens! Review sessions between you and the creators for your portfolio / sketchbook / newly-made-comic will run throughout the day. (Tip: Get there early if you want to avoid the queues!)
1:00 - COMICS CONSEQUENCES! Watch the pros create weird and wonderful characters together
1:30 - David O'Connell - live drawing tutorial
2:00 - Sarah McIntyre - live drawing tutorial
2:15 - Zoom Rockman - live drawing tutorial
2:30 - COMICS MONSTER DRAW-OFF! Who can draw the scariest monster? The best-dressed monster? A monster dentist? Monster wedding? Help the pros decide what they're going to draw!
3:00 - Neill Cameron - live drawing tutorial
3:30 - Jamie Smart - live drawing tutorial
4:00 - Nana Li - live drawing tutorial
4:30 - Gary Northfield - live drawing tutorial
5:00 - COMICS BATTLE! Watch the pros pit their characters against each other for the Final Showdown.
5:30 - Jamie Littler - live drawing tutorial
6:00 - Closing time
(But come back tomorrow for other awesome Pop Up Festival events!)

And HERE is how to find us!
Kings Cross Map 
I'm really excited about this, it's so great to see comics for kids being included and given focus as part of such an exciting festival as this, and I'm hugely honoured to get to be a part of it. And I hope to see many of you there!

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