Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How To Make (Awesome) Comics: LIVE!

Hello! After a long stint of being chained to the drawing board I've managed to loose my bonds a little and am planning to escape and take my whole 'teaching kids how to make awesome comics' schtick on the road again at a couple of upcoming events. They are...

22 Sept, Old Marston Library, Oxford - I'll be doing a quick comics workshop as part of a full day of family fun and events, celebrating the library's 50th anniversary and raising funds to help it continue. I'm on at 11am, it should be lots of fun, and I gather there will be cake, so any local Oxfordians with young comics fans in the family - do pop along!

30th October - Luton library - How To Make (Awesome) Comics workshops at 11am and 2pm. Had lots of fun at Luton last year, looking forward to a return engagement. Full details and booking information here!

31st October - extra-spooky MONSTERIFIC Halloween comics workshops at Leatherhead Library (10:30am) and Dorking library (2pm). Full details and booking information here! 

Come along for... oh, you know, this sort of thing.

 And then in November... it's Thought Bubble! for which all manner of fun and exciting Phoenixy good times are currently being concocted. Of which more anon...

On the subject of The Phoenix, and events - you can now listen to a recording of the Phoenix panel discussion from August's Caption comics convention in Oxford, available as a podcast from the excellent Panel Borders. I really enjoyed the panel; it's in large part where a lot of the ideas got rolling that led to my recent posts about Girls' / YA comics, and that prompted a lot of discussion, and that may end up... well, who knows where. Anyway, there's lots of erudite and thought-provoking discussion on the art and craft of making comics for children, with Phoenix creators Adam Murphy, Patrice Aggs, Robin Etherington and Daniel Hartwell, chaired by the brilliant David O'Connell. there is also me, mumbling in the opposite direction from the microphone. Enjoy!

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