Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fuse Festival Monster Madness!

This Saturday I'm going to be at the Fuse Medway Festival in Kent, where - amongst a whole bunch other fun stuff that'll be going on, my esteemed colleague Gary Northfield has assembled a bunch of awesome comics creators to hang out in a tent and make comics and teach kids to make comics and... you know, all that fun stuff!

Some of the people who will be there! And also some other people.

Just check out the amaaaaazing pic at the top of the post, drawn by the brilliant David O'Connell (Monster & Chips, Tozo, Ink + Paper). David will be there! And so will all the people he has drawn: Jamie Littler (Cogg & Sprokit), Laura Ellen Anderson (Evil Emperor Penguin), Alex Milway (Mousehunter, the Mythical 9th Division series), and... ME (stuff that I do)!

Jamie Littler drawing big comics!

Do come along if you're in the area - if it's remotely as much fun as we had when we tried something similar at the Pop-Up Festival in King's Cross last year, or indeed at the Oxford Children's Comic Festival in May, then it will be a LOT OF FUN.

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