Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Writing about Talking about Comics about Dancing

I recently had the great pleasure of being interviewed along with m'colleague Kate Brown for Women Writing About Comics Radio. Claire Napier of that august podcast got in touch wanting to discuss the ballet comic Kate and I did for the Phoenix last year, Emilie's Turn, and a very interesting chat we all had too. If you would care to have a listen, you can do so here!

PARENTAL ADVISORY in case any young readers were planning to listen, the discussion features FRUITY LANGUAGE and also brief reference to MATTERS OF A REPRODUCTIVE NATURE (or "grown-up cuddling"), so please proceed under advisement.

It was lots of fun, we talk (quite a lot) about the making of that particular comic but also more generally about ballet, and comics, and comics about ballet in general. Have a listen and you too can learn precisely how ill-informed I am on all of those topics!

Anyway, one other very cool thing is that, for the benefit of any ballet comics aficionados who may have found their way to us, the fine folks at the Phoenix have very kindly put Emilie's Turn up on their website to read in its entirety!

AND the issue in question is currently on sale at 20% off as part of their grand summer sale. So please go check it out! And then who knows, maybe someone will let us make MORE BALLET COMICS. Which I think we can all agree is the main thing here.

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