Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bundles of Fun!

Hello! Because it has been a while I thought I would alert you to a couple of FUN NEW WAYS you can buy my comics!

Firstly, Ghosts of Mathrak Chu - Dan and I's second Pirates of Pangaea adventure, a thoroughly ripping yarn involving GHOST PIRATE DINOSAURS - is available to purchase as a complete 4-issue bundle from The Phoenix Comic Shop. Please do go and have a look, it's one of my favourite things we've done so far. Look, here are is the ENTIRE FIRST EPISODE in all it's excitingly spooky glory to convince you.

SECONDLY, those selfsame fine fellows at the Phoenix are also now stocking Mo-bot High in its nifty new paperback edition, so why not go and buy that too? Look, here is a preview to convince you.

Or hey, why not buy both! Make a day of it on your nice internet-shopping excursion.

Look, what can I say. The kid just had a birthday and I felt a pressing need to implore people to PLEASE BUY SOME COMICS! Thank you. You may go about your business now.

As long as you bought some comics.

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