Monday, 24 February 2014


Hey! My NEW COMIC, Mega Robo Bros, begins in this week's issue of The Phoenix, and you do not want to miss out! It's a great issue all round anyway, but also: ROBOTS!

I'm really excited about this strip, I've got so many plans for it and am having huge amounts of fun. It concerns the adventures of Alex and Freddy, two kids who - well, they are robots? And they are brothers? It is all right there in the title?

You can buy The Phoenix from these fine vendors, by subscription, or digitally on iPad. Please do so!

To celebrate this new venture, and because I said it on twitter before thinking better of it, I am having a small MEGA ROBO COMPETITION! Simply tweet (or facebook, or blog) a photo of your cat* reading this week's Phoenix, and win an original sketch of Alex and Freddy, the Mega Robo Bros themselves! And indeed, possibly your cat.*

*If you don't have a cat, dogs are allowed too.  And indeed goldfish. And indeed stick insects, zoo animals, or any variety of robot.

Here's a couple to start you off!

From @PollyLWH:

And an AWESOME CYBER DOG from @AlixCoughlin:

  • Just tweet your photo with the hashtag #phoenixcats so I can find it!
  • Competition runs until this Friday (28/02/2014), so you have plenty of time to FIND A CAT.
  • Judges decision is final! Points will be awarded based on creativity, composition and ADORABLENESS.
  • Or I might just pick one at random, so I feel less horribly guilty? I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DO THIS.
Anyway, have a go! I will draw something cool, I promise. And check out Mega Robo Bros in the Phoenix, this week and indeed EVERY week until... you are all thoroughly sick of it?**


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