Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Big Picture

At the moment I'm doing all my pencilling and inking digitally, using a program called Manga Studio (mostly for reasons of efficiency, although also 'cause its just really quite fun). One of the cool things about the application is that it treats a project as one story, not just a whole bunch of unrelated image files. So you get to look at your whole story spread out before you, and get a great sense of progress as the blank pages get filled in as you go along.

I am currently enjoying that sense of satisfaction on Season 2 of Mo-Bot High, but of course I can't show you any of that here, as it is filled with exciting and dramatic plot developments that you will have to go and subscribe to the DFC to enjoy. But here is a little behind-the-scenes look at the story file for season 1, simply because I think it's quite a cool thing to look at. (If, that is, you are a massive process nerd like me.)

It's all very small, anyway. Hopefully no-one's enjoyment of the story has been spoiled this way!

Did I mention that Season 2 starts next week? Its going to be pretty skill.


  1. Wow, seeing all your pages laid out like that is mighty impressive. I've been thinking about using Manga Studio but can't quite put down the physical tools. Wish I'd had more of a chance to chat with you about it at the con.

  2. "

    Wot ee said (well the first sentence anyway).

    I was going quip with a interesting remark comparing aesthetic results between this and the Streetfighter T-Shirt method, but both are totally T's sir.