Thursday, 23 October 2008

Read MO-BOT High online!

I've just put the first episode of my DFC strip MO-BOT High up on my website where you can read it for FREE! How about that. If you like what you see, hey, why not subscribe to the DFC?

And don't forget, Season 2 begins in issue 22 - on sale tomorrow!


  1. Neill, my English teacher always said "write what you know"*, so how the hell do you know about what 12 year old schoolgirls think?

    * I always wrote about being a secret agent.

  2. It is true that I am not a 12 year old schoolgirl.

    For that matter, it is also true that I do not have a magical giant robot living inside my phone.

  3. The problem with ‘write what you know’ is it ends up with you writing novels about the antics at writers’ conventions