Monday, 17 November 2008

DFC on sale in Tescos next week!

Hey! Have you ever thought to yourself "this DFC comic Neill keeps banging on about sounds totally awesome but I wish I was able to just pick up a copy in the shops and check it out and stuff before subscribing?"

Of course you have! (Unless you subscribe already. In which case you already know about the whole "totally awesome" thing.) Well, now is your chance as next week - for one week only, from 26th November to 2nd December as a kinda marketing test thing - The DFC will be on the shelves in Tescos. Here is what to look for!

(This is a different cover to the one subscribers will get, but the insides contain the same comic-y goodness)

There you go, you can pick up a super nifty comic while getting the donuts in. Good times!

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