Thursday, 27 November 2008

Max's Mo-Bots!

I was absolutely delighted to receive the drawing above from a reader - the very talented Mr. Max Wardle (age 7)! This totally reminds me of the drawings I would make after reading a new issue of Transformers when I was a kid... and look how that worked out.

He's got it all in there - Asha, the DMC pictograms, and a BIG BLUE MO-BOT and everything. Awesome job! I can only hope that when I get to Season 4 of Mo-bot High, my version is half as exciting as Max's.

(Check out the DFC website for more reader art and fun stuff like how to draw a mo-bot yourself!)


  1. Excellent, great to see feedback and fun from the kids

  2. Wow, that drawing is so beautiful and complex!