Monday, 1 December 2008

Good Karma for me!

I loved Saturdays when I was a kid, but one part that I really did not love was when we would inevitably be torn away from cartoons, comics and cereal and forced to spend interminable hours being dragged around the supermarket getting the Big Weekly Shop in. (Another was watching the football scores being read out for what felt like a billion years while waiting for something decent like Knight rider or the A-Team to come on ITV in the afternoon, but that's not really relevant here.)

Anyway, this Saturday I got a nice warm glowy feeling from the knowledge that I had contributed in my own small way towards making that ghastly shopping-based ordeal just a little bit more bearable for thousands of kids across this mediocre nation of ours.


a) that is indeed the sight of a Mo-bot nestled in between Dennis the Menace, Indiana Jones and Optimus Prime on the comics shelves in Tescos, and that fact is HIGHLY AWESOME.
b) yes, I was so excited I took a photo, and that fact is KIND OF TRAGIC.

The DFC is still on sale at branches of Tescos for the next couple of days - run don't walk, etc.

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