Thursday, 25 December 2008


Merry Christmas, everyone! And hurrah for the miracle of advance-scheduled posts! Here, as a special xmas present from me to you, I give you the gift of... SANTA FORCE!

First up, it's the team leader and strategist... ACTION SANTA!

Handling black ops and stealth present-delivery... it's NINJA SANTA! What is his dark secret, and could it tear apart the team?
The team muscle: SANTA THE BARBARIAN! He is angry! And prone to Berserker Rages!
The team's resident speedster. French! Meet ROLLER SANTA!
Don't forget aboutDISCO SANTA! The team's flamboyant, um, disco guy.

..and finally, their comedy sidekick, SURLY SANTA:

...who is basically just my Dad in a Father Christmas suit.1

Follow their adventures in SANTA FORCE, coming in 2009 from Marvel Comics!2

Merry Christmas, Dad! Merry Christmas, everybody! And check back tomorrow for one final, special Boxing Day Santa...

1 My dad would never wear a Father Christmas suit.
2 This is a COMPLETE LIE, obviously.

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