Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Posterpalooza 2009, Part 2

Yes, look, its some more A-Z Poster doodles! About halfway through now and I've got another big stack to mail out tomorrow. Apologies to anyone who's waiting on theirs but I think getting through them all is going to stretch into next week. I forget that even relatively simple things kind of add up when you have to do them 250 times. Anyway, I promise I am sketching away as fast as my increasingly-cramping-up little hand can manage. Look, PROOF!

Look at it, it's like a blur. I would estimate having all orders shipped my mid-to-end of next week. I'm going to carry on posting these status updates here, partly to keep people posted and partly cause I quite like making those little montage-y images.

Another satisfied customer!


  1. I'm already looking forward to recieving mine.

  2. I see Willow! Yay! Thanks Neill!