Sunday, 6 September 2009

Posterpalooza 2009

These are a select few of the sketches I've been doing on A-Z posters! Thought I'd give a quick update here. Huge thanks to everyone who ordered one, I'm working my way through all the sketches as fast as I can, and I'm hoping to get them all shipped over the next week. I'm sending them in batches of 50 or so - the first lot went on Saturday, and I'm aiming to send another batch every couple of days this week. They're being sent airmail around the world, which should take no more than 5 days to arrive, so hopefully you all should have your alphabetical postery goodness in your hands soon!

After an initial rush of interest that burned through my website's bandwidth allowance overnight AGAIN, things have slowed down to slightly saner levels again. I actually have about 20 of the posters left, so if you'd like to get one, head over to the shop! (Don't worry, if they've run out you won't be able to order one.)


  1. I couldn't resist, I had to order one!

  2. Ordered mine a little while back and thank you so much! Looking forward to getting it!