Friday, 16 October 2009

Hashtag Funnies 3: 'Glee'

Here is today's Hashtag Funnies strip!

Twitter links: @neillcameron, #hashtagfunnies, Glee

I think the 'Glee' people on Twitter are talking about is actually some TV show, but I don't know it so went for a different interpretation.

Anyway! I was amazed, delighted and utterly confused to read today a 1,500-word analysis of my social media strategy by the scholarly and erudite Pete Ashton. He makes some very good points, (including a tip about how if I used Flickr I apparently could have saved myself hundreds of pounds GODDAMMIT), and it's generally quite a fascinating read. Pete absolutely gets my motivations for doing things like the A-Z of Awesomeness and these daily nonsense hashtag strips, but explains them much more precisely and knowledgeably than I would be able to myself. Also at much greater length - I think if I wrote a 1,500 word essay here on the subject of ME, the internet would punch me in the face (and be quite right to do so).

Anyway, you can go read it here.

Mostly, I am just delighted to discover I have a social media strategy. Well done me!

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