Thursday, 29 October 2009

Hashtag Funnies: #truthis


Twitter links: @neillcameron, #hashtagfunnies, #truthis

Sorry for the lack of a strip yesterday, my back was to the wall with deadlines. Turned out to be a false economy, as without the morning warm-up that #hashtagfunnies provides, it took me ages to get going and I was pretty much useless all morning.

So we've established that doing this works for me, if nothing else.

EDIT: Oh hey, I forgot to say, I set up a Hashtag Funnies Facebook page, essentially so that Di and other FB loyalists can read these too. You can check it out here.


  1. Brilliant! These have been consistently funny every single day. Well done Neill! I sense in years to come there'll be compilations of your work Gary Larson style adorining many a bookshelf.

  2. Hey, can't hurt to dream. Thanks Carl!

  3. These work so well scrolling down the page to reveal it panel by panel :D