Friday, 29 January 2010


Sumo Jetpack Riddler

Occasionally I like to draw something random, to cheer myself up / warm up / get the juices flowing / blah blah bah. Anyway, today was such a day, so I put out the call for Twitter to tell me what to draw. Leenygma suggested:

A cross between a Sumo Wrestler and a heroic version of the Riddler. With a jetpack.

Combining as it does two of my very favourite things to draw (obscenely fat guys, jetpacks), this was clearly a no-brainer for me. His name is SUMO RIDDLE BOMB!!! and I think you will agree he deserves his own Saturday morning cartoon series immediately.

More nonsense like this - next week? Oh, probably.


  1. I'm picking up a little bit of Punisher too - could be the hair? Wouldn't want to be there when he drops his bomb!