Monday, 4 January 2010



This is a poster I drew as a private commission in December - someone got in touch asking for a picture of their boyfriend as Superman as a Christmas present for said boyfriend, which struck me as a rather lovely idea and one I was very happy to help out with.

Anyway, apparently the guy loved it, and it was a fun little job to do that pretty much paid for our Christmas dinner, so that all worked out nicely.

May you all have a thoroughly super new year! I am back at work, busily trying to kick the artwork for Mo-Bot High Book One into shape. Feels so nice to be drawing mo-bots again, I can't even begin to tell you. And lots more on that subject soon, I have no doubt...


  1. Ooh, Mo-Bot book. Hurrah! Are you drawing new material? When's it due.

    I just got proof copies of the Good Dog, Bad Dog book in the post today, which is, you know, quite exciting.

  2. Oh, wow. Good post day!

    I am drawing a couple of new pages, yes. Very exciting! I think it's going to be out some time in Autumn, don't have the details yet...

    I've been lucky enough to see some printouts of the title pages, covers etc. for Good Dog, Bad Dog, as well as Spider Moon and Mezolith, and I have to say it all looks rather incredible.

  3. So is it you, Sarah and the Etheringtons for wave two? I'd thought that Mirabilis was going to be one of the three (or is that seen as a separate series of books away from the Library?) Why am I asking you? Who cares? Mo-Bots this year - result.

  4. Yep, Monkey Nuts, V&L and Mo-bots for wave 2. I'm hazy on the details but I think I was kinda bumped up the schedule for some reason?

    But exactly, who cares? Mo-bot book!

  5. I think we were bumped out, though we were never actually told as much because "hazy on the details" seems to be watchword for the series! Still, great news about Mo-Bot High. Now... any hopes for the return of hashtag funnies? ;)