Friday, 16 April 2010

And That's About That

This picture has started to take on a strange allegorical significance, in which ZZ Top represent ME.

I sent off the last batch of A-Z of Awesomeness Posters this morning, and while I was up that way popped into the SSNAP offices to deliver a cheque for £1,500.00, which is what profits from sales of the posters came to. I do actually have a few posters left, but I'm afraid all the staying up nights addressing envelopes and constant trips to the post office carrying heavy bags of packages was starting to wear me down a bit. £1,500 (that's 300 posters) seemed like a nice round number at which to cut it off, so there we go.

Apologies to anyone who's had to wait a little while for their poster to arrive; as I say, I got a bit swamped with it all so some of the last orders to come in had a bit of a delay before I could get to them. Anyway, they are all posted now, so hopefully you should have them soon.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch to suggest / request putting the A-Z on books, t-shirts, mugs, sailboats etc, and sorry to anyone I haven't had a chance to reply to yet. Basically, I would love to do every such thing, but I do kind of need to get on with that tiresome old 'making a living' thing for now, so that's why I'm kind of drawing a line under it there. I'll probably take the remaining posters along to conventions and stuff, but for now, that's about that. There is one cool thing I'd like to do with the A-Z, which might be happening later in the year, so I'll be sure to tell you all about that as and when.

Huge thanks to everyone who retweeted, reposted, dugg etc. It was a crazy and rather entertaining couple of weeks (I've made a note of the dates so in years to come I can tell Logan about The Week I Was Internet Famous. Mildly), and we made a nice little bit of money for a very good cause. So that's nice. Cheers to you all.

Coming Soon: me posting about something else!


  1. Hey Neil, I ordered a the A-Z of awesome poster from you sometime around the beginning of April, the shipping status wasn't posted until the 15th and it is now the 30th. There isn't a shipping ID where I can track the package and I haven't received my poster yet. I was sure it was due to the volcano erupting and causing trouble with the planes,(I live in Canada) but now that the planes are running again I would like some re-assurance that my A-Z poster is on it's way.

    I am Patiently but eagerly waiting to show off your amazing artwork on my wall.

    All the best, Marshall

  2. My apologies Neil, literally 20 minutes after I posted that comment the mail man showed up and delivered the poster. Amazing work, I can't believe I got a signed copy.

  3. Hi Mike,

    Very glad to hear it arrived OK! Was just about to e-mail you. Sorry you had to endure a bit of a wait, but glad it got there in the end. Let's blame the icelandic volcano! All the best, Neill