Thursday, 1 April 2010

Technical Difficulties


Due to the frankly insane level of interest in my A-Z of Awesomeness over the last week, I've had to move / upgrade my hosting yet again, to the point where I'm now on a package apparently designed for small-to-medum ISPs and domain-name-resellers. Um... anyone want to buy a domain name? (Please nobody say yes, I would have no idea how to sell you one.) Anyway, despite my taking extra precautions and receiving several reassurances that no, the website wouldn't go down... well, my website went down. Even more nerve-wrackingly for me as a self-employed person, there were a couple of stretches over the last few days where my e-mail address stopped working, so apologies to anyone who was trying to get in touch. It all seems to be working again now, and with my new unlimited bandwidth arrangements, that should be the last we see of this sort of problem.

Unless, of course, my new domain-name-reselling business really takes off.

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