Tuesday, 17 May 2011

H is for... Handy Hangover Hints from Hagakure

H is for... Handy Hangover Hints from Hagakure

Phew! It's been too long, sorry. Anyway, here is H's pic in the A-Z of Awesome Japan!

  • Hagakure or The Book of the Samurai is a practical guidebook on the Way of the Samurai written in the eighteenth century by ex-Samurai turned Buddhist monk Yamamoto Tsunetomo. It contains much moral guidance and information on honourable behaviour, preparedness for death, and the killing of one's enemies. It also advises samurai to always carry a little powdered rouge up their sleeves, for covering up the effects of a hangover. I read it several years ago, and that image has stayed with me. Hence this drawing!
  • I wrote a review of Hagakure on our old blog Unified Review Theory, which you can read here.
Back soon with a pic for 'I' I'm thinking it might be (someone) Inebriated In an Izakaya. But WHO? Suggestions welcome!

Actually come to think of it, I was once inebriated in an Izakaya. Maybe I should just draw that.