Thursday, 28 April 2011

G is for... Giant Robots Guarding over Geisha in Gion

G is for... Giant Robots Guarding over Geisha in Gion

Here is this week's* entry in the A-Z of Awesome Japan, a series of drawings I am doing on this blog to celebrate stuff that is awesome about Japan, and to help raise a little money for the ongoing disaster relief efforts in that country. (You can sponsor me here.)

  • Giant Robots are, well, it's rather self-explanatory, isn't it? Needless to say, I quite like Giant Robots.
  • Geisha are, well, it's rather complicated, isn't it? Entertainers? Performers? Hostesses? Go ask Wikipedia.
  • Gion is an inordinately beautiful and atmospheric historic neighbourhood of Kyoto, famed for its long-standing associations as a Geisha district.
* yes, it's weekly rather than daily now. Been horribly busy, sorry. I am a Struggling Artist, remember, and have a fairly packed and punishing schedule of Struggling to get through each day. Also, I wanted to take a little more time over these pictures, so that they represented work I'm proud of rather than being just rushed, hurried and rather sucky. If I have any aspirations as an artist, I guess they could be summed up as "to produce work which is not sucky". Yes, I DARE TO DREAM.

More next week! And every week for like another five months, geez.

EXTRA FUN FOR PROCESS NERDS! Here is the process:

G composite

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  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome... :)

    And weekly means more suspense and appreciative excitement about the next update of Awesome!