Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Amusing Tales and Scribbles and Such: the DFB Storyblog!

I've recently joined in blogging over at the DFB Storyblog, where lots of David Fickling books' fine writers and illustrators (and me) are sharing tall tales, amusing anecdotes, and whatever other assorted nonsense takes our fancy. The general theme to start with was 'coincidences and misunderstandings and what have you', to tie in with the recent launch of Andrew Norris' I Don't Believe It, Archie!

I joined in with a nerve-shredding tale of terror which, as well as being senses-shatteringly exciting, features such eye-poppingly gorgeous artwork as the following:

Intriguing, no?

Read the full story here! I'll be contributing fairly regularly to the blog, so brace yourselves for further tales from the foothills of the mountains of madness.

Do go and have a read, there's tons of fun stuff on there already, with posts from my fellow DFC Library peeps Dave Shelton (Good Dog, Bad Dog) and Sarah McIntyre (Vern & Lettuce) as well as such luminaries as Candy Gourlay and Tony Mitton. Enjoy!

I blog at the DFB Story Blog

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