Thursday, 28 July 2011

Pirates of Pangaea: First Teaser Poster!

PoP movie poster RGB v2
(Pirates of Pangaea, all images and concepts ©2011 Daniel Hartwell & Neill Cameron)

I am delighted to be able to share with you this first bit of previewy teasery postery art from Dan Hartwell and I's upcoming swashbuckling dinosaurical magnum opus, The Pirates of Pangaea. Coming in The Phoenix Comic, a brand new story comic for children launching in January 2012!

I'm having so much fun drawing this thing already, and I absolutely can't wait to set it loose upon the world. (I know that January seems like a long time to wait, but believe me from the point of view of me having to draw it all, it is NO TIME AT ALL.)

Make sure you sign up to the Phoenix newsletter to get the early scoop on all the exciting stuff that's coming up soon - and believe me, there is some genuinely tingle-inducingly exciting stuff in the works...

Will blog lots more about this as we get nearer the time. And there'll be another teaser image coming soon which I'm really excited about - something I was in fact so pleased with that I think it joins page 62 of MoBot High in the rather exclusive 'Things I Have Drawn That I'm Actually Reasonably Happy With' club.

Pirates! And Dinosaurs! Come on.


  1. Dear Neill,

    I am very happy that you will be on The Phoenix. I miss the DFC and MoBot High!

    Max Wardle (now age 10!)

  2. Hey Max! Great to hear from you. Can't wait for you to see the Phoenix, really hope you like it!

    All the best,