Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Be What You Want

I recently did a bunch of illustrations, comic strips and posters for the Be What You Want Campaign, organised by Close The Gap. The campaign is intended to support young people in being what they want to be, and help tackle gender stereotyping and occupational segregation.

It's always nice to have a job where you're drawing fun things and working for a cause you can believe in, so this was a really satisfying project to be involved with. Occupational segregation now joins the ever-growing list of Social Problems I Have Bravely Fought Through The Medium of Comics, along with traffic safety, adult innumeracy and chronic disease in indigenous populations. Oh yeah, and racism. Obviously.

Packs of the posters and comic strips were sent out to every primary and secondary school in Scotland, which is kind of mind-blowingly awesome to think about, too. Anyway, I've put a few sample pieces over on my website, and you can check out and download the full set of resources over on the Be What You Want website.


  1. I like this a lot. But one small comment - how about a range of hair lengths next time? Long hair is an easy way to indicate femaleness but it would be good to see variety (speaking as someone who had short spiky hair for all my twenties).

  2. Hey, I wholeheartedly support people in their pursuit of whatever profession or life they aspire to, regardless of gender or social background...

    But girls with short hair? GIRLS?

    ...yeah, point taken. In my defense, most of the pics above are of just two characters, from various angles etc, so they need to look vaguely the same for visual continuity. But yeah.