Thursday, 31 May 2012

Phoenix Complete-Your-Own Cover Contest! GO.

Hitting shops nationwide and doormats of our beloved subscribers tomorrow is this week's issue of The Phoenix, which features an Exciting Ultra-Exclusive Variant Cover; variant in that EVERY SINGLE COPY of it is unique. Because you have to draw it! My esteemed colleagues Professor Panels and Art Monkey - and a few of their friends - are running for their lives from... something. But what? It's up to you! Grab some felt tips and get drawing!

This is not JUST an excuse to deface a comic in fun ways, it is also an EXCITING COMPETITION in which you can win some FABULOUS PRIZES. Check out the Phoenix website for full details, rules and even a downloadable version of the cover if for some reason you are the sort of person who does not enjoy drawing all over their comics. 

And hey: if you do have a go, be sure to send your entries in to the Phoenix address but by all means please tweet them at me, too - I'm @neillcameron on twitter - as I'd just absolutely love to see 'em. In return I will draw AT LEAST one ridiculous version myself and tweet it some time this week.

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