Friday, 11 May 2012

T-Rex Rampage!

Hello! Contrary to appearances, neither I or this blog have actually died, I've just been a bit busy drawing all manner of delightful things for The Phoenix. Case in point: the above, which is the cover to ISSUE 19, out this weekend! Somehow we have rampaged all the way through to the PENULTIMATE EPISODE already, so I thought I'd spend the next week blogging the  odd bit of behind-the-scenes stuff to whet people's appetites for the finale!

So, to get us started: that cover itself! HERE IS HOW I DRAWED IT, from rough all the way through to finshed colour version! It had an unusually smooth gestation, this one, so you won't see many major changes on the way through, but thought it might be fun to check out anyway...

Go grab your copy now! Available as of tomorrow morning from branches of Waitrose as well as all these fine vendors, and of course by subscription!

More dinosaurs next week. PROMISE.


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