Monday, 20 May 2013

Pirates of Pangaea FINALE! And MORE!


First off, the current issue of The Phoenix marks the senses-shattering SEASON FINALE of Pirates of Pangaea: Escape From Razorbeak Mountain. Do they, in fact, Escape From Razorbeak Mountain? Pick up this issue or you'll NEVER KNOW!

Here is the cover (sans title etc):

And here is an interview Dan and I did with fine comics website The Beat, talking about the finale:

AND here are some nice words from the marvellous Forbidden Planet blog about the issue:

Any concerned fans of Piratey Dinosaury shenanigans need not worry: we'll be back soon with our next story arc, Racers of Riverbed Run, which may actually be the Piratiest Dinosauriest Shenanigansiest one yet.

HEY ALSO Lauren Bennett of Random House publicity just tweeted a couple of photos that made me jump up and down with excitement:

DFC Library Paperback Editions! Which will be available in bookshops across the land this August 1st, I believe. They look fantastic - I love those comics and I'm really looking forward this chance to bring them to a whole new audience. COMMENCE EXCITEMENT!

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