Sunday, 29 June 2014

Comics at CBBC Live! BIG Comics.

My esteemed colleague Adam Murphy and I - with able support from Lizzie Payton and Joe Brady of The Phoenix, were recently doing our ambassadorial bit by representing the medium of comics at the CBBC Live event in Newcastle / Gateshead. We ran loads of workshops for kids over three days of the event, worked with countless amazing young artists, and generally had a grand old time. I was doing a bit of this....

...and also a spot of this...

...all in general furtherance of my belief that, you know...

We ALSO took advantage of the kind nature of our hosts, the brilliant Baltic Mill centre for contemporary arts, by basically drawing comics all over their lovely building. And because I am a generous soul, I present them here for you to read!

Here's some festival goers reading the whole thing!

Anyway, that seemed to go quite well, so over the remaining couple of days we decided to have a go at making a REALLY big one. Which I now present here for your enjoyment!


In fairness, I told you it was big. Here's a couple of shots of the whole shebang:

Anyway! Lots of fun to do, and a huge pleasure to work with Adam, spending a couple of days writing the story into ludicrous plot holes and then scarpering, leaving the other to dig their way out of it somehow. 

Did you know Adam has a new book coming out? He does! The first collection of his frankly brilliant strip Corpse Talk from the Phoenix is to be published in paperback form, ooh, any day now, but you can pre-order it already! And you absolutely should, because it looks amazing and is highly educational and very funny and honest and, look, I could spend all day gushing about this one, frankly, when what you should really probably do is just go ahead and...

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