Sunday, 29 June 2014

Comics in the Rain

I spent a very jolly afternoon on Bonn Square in Oxford the other day as part of the MCS Arts Festival - the original plan had been to be doing a large-scale comic on a big wall, but sewage works, a last-minute change of venue, and act-of-god level weather conditions conspired against us, so I ended up just drawing some comics on a flipchart. In the rain.

(Here's a note, if ever you are inclined to try drawing comics on a flipchart in the rain: DO NOT DO THAT. Honestly, just go and have a cup of tea or something instead, you'll thank me for it.)

Anyway, despite all that, it ended up being good fun, and with the aid of plot suggestions from passers-by and able assistance from Ryan and Louisa of Broad Canvas, who supplied all the materials, we ended up actually making a comic! Of sorts. Enjoy...

The end! And here's the finished thing, taped up to the side of a WET TENT:

...I included one of the performers at the festival, Jebb the Jester, in the comic, and here he is doing a spot of juggling and unicycling in front of the comic he is a character in: 

Which was a first. 

Thanks to Steve Heywood at Magdalen College School for having me along, and the Louisa and Ryan of Broad Canvas for all the help, and indeed the PENS! The lovely, lovely pens. 

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