Monday, 5 January 2009

Cover Variants and Multiple Mo-Bots

Happy New Year everyone!

A little while back when it turned out my mo-botty cover image was going to be used on the issue of the DFC that went into Tescos, we went through a few iterations with different colour schemes, layouts etc, for reasons too complicated, highly technical and indeed boring to go into here. Anyway, at one point an idea was that the Tesco-version and the regular subscribers' version would have different coloured Mo-bots on. I thought this would be kind of a fun thing, and actually went very nicely with the story, which was at that point all to do with choosing patterns and colour schemes and all that good Gok Wan type stuff. (I do love me some Gok Wan).

Anyway, the final versions ended up being a bit different, so I thought I'd post a couple of the working versions here.

In the RED corner:

And in the BLUE corner:


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