Sunday, 25 January 2009

Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Pirates

I was reading a collection of Grant Morrison's Doctor Who comics the other day, which I'd highly recommend. It's published by IDW, reprinted from Doctor Who Magazine in the 80's, and is chock-full of crazy Morrison ideas and absolutely beautiful John Ridgway art, superbly recoloured. Anyway, as I was happily reliving all sorts of pleasant childhood memories, it occurred to me that drawing Doctor Who comics would be about as much fun as a chap could have.

As such, I prepared the following sample pages, which I reproduce here for your enjoyment, and in the vague hope that someone somewhere on the internet will see them and give me a job.

Anyway, they were awfully fun to do.

Credit where it's due: the dino-ships are a straight lift from The Pirates of Pangaea, a project I'm working on with my writerly friend Dan Hartwell, about which I'm sure I'll post lots more here anon.


  1. Blimey, you'd get a DW job from me. Beautiful work.

  2. I've sent a link to the IDW editors.

  3. I'd seen these already - and they're magnificent pages! If my life wasn't a spinning top of indecision and work-related stress right now, I'd have finished my sample script for Dr Who myself. It's coming soon, Neill, promise. Just got a job interview to get out of the way next week...