Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sketchbook Scan #0010: ZOMBIE THATCHER

#0010: Margaret Thatcher wants BRAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNSSSS. (2005)

This was part of an idea for a comic called Political Creatures which I did some art for, written by Internet Comics Rumourmonger Supreme (that is his offical title) Rich Johnston. It never actually got further than concept art and a few sample pages, but we got to go on telly talking about it anyway. This proves, if nothing else, that "Zombie Margaret Thatcher wants BRAAAAAIIIINNNNNSSS" is a pretty media-friendly high concept.

(Currently 'Transvestite Dwarf Santa' is the most popular entry search term for people randomly finding this blog, but I will be interested to see if 'Zombie Margaret Thatcher' overtakes it in future...)


  1. Pop that on a t-shirt.
    You'll sell billions!

  2. I'm totally going to. I'll sell them at a little stall outside the tory party conference and make out like BANDITS.

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