Thursday, 15 July 2010

Making Mo-bots

1.Asha (our hero)

I've been drawing a few promo pics of some of the characters from Mo-Bot High - haven't quite figured out what to do with 'em, just fancied drawing some mo-bots really. Anyway, as an experiment / fun thing, I thought I'd try posting the results to my twitter account at each stage of completion, so people could follow how I produce an image, from roughs to colours.

Anyway, here are the collated results!

2. Sophie (the cool one)

3. Shelly (*thinks* she's the cool one)

4. Sasha (the baddy, the nemesis, destroyer of worlds)

Will post the results here whenever I fgure out what I'm doing with 'em. I'm thinking some kind of big standup poster to take to shows and such...

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! Always did adore those Mo-Bot designs, with their lovely glowy outlines. Really interesting to see them "pre-Photoshop" too.