Friday, 9 July 2010

Bow Tie Appreciation Society

Doctor 11 composite 1 600PX

I have recently been falling hopelessly, utterly in love with Doctor Who all over again - and let's face it, I was pretty keen to start with, and thought I'd have a go at drawing the new chap. So, y'know, here he is.

Doctor 11 composite 2 600px

I took the opportunity to draw a few Patrick Troughtons as well, because - well, because I totally love Patrick Troughton and wanted to draw him. Who wouldn't? Look at that face!

Doctor 2 composite 1 600px

While drawing the above it dawned on me that pretty much my dream job - apart from doing Mo-Bot High, naturally - would be to illustrate a graphic novel adaptation of one of the lost Patrick Troughton Doctor Who stories. Maybe Evil of the Daleks? All the art in grayscale, obviously. Come on, that would be amazing, right?

Anyway, I leave you with... team-up!

Bow Tie Appreciation Society 600px


  1. So, remind me, why aren't you drawing Dr Who on a weekly basis again?

  2. Thanks Jase! Um.. *because* why ;)