Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Emergent Comics: Page One... COMPLETE!


Ta-da! that's our first page complete!

emergent_comics1 v5

But what happens next? SOMETHING AWESOME I bet. Come on, it's a new page, let's tear it up! Let's have a big splash panel, or something. Let your imaginations run riot!

Today's script was written by Must... Use... POWERS, so many thanks for that! If you are finding your imaginations constrained by the 140-character limit on twitter, I will from now on be accepting scripts for the next panel via comments here on the blog, too. If you want to do that.

Thanks so much to everyone who's been sending in suggestions, this has been a lot of fun for me so far. Big thanks in particular to guys like KDBryan, hardluck_hotel and my own dear pretzelsncheese who have been writing some simply marvelous stuff but have not yet been favoured by the randomizer! Patience, chaps! I'm sure we'll get there in the end.

Here are a couple of elements that particularly stood out which I was sorry not to get to draw yet:

- Cthulhu Ninjas
- Someone Punching A Bear

Just saying.


  1. Wow, the 9 panel grid really is insanely flexible, isn't it?

  2. mmmm.... Let's try this:

    Splash Page or big panel, as you wish: A big ocean world with three moons in the horizon. The bear is jumping off the wormhole and getting ready to make a big splash in the watery surface, where we can see several carebears-like in speedo suits. Bear: "Cowabunga!". Caption: "The first time I saw the world of Nheil I could only think of me skipping the swimming classes"

  3. Splash page: Girl on top of bear, flying through a sea of familiar pictures.

    Girl: "That's...that's me! My graduation! My senior prom! My first day of school! What is this?"

    Bear: "Hold on tight! We will be experiencing turbulence soon."

    Panda-slippers: "The emergent zone is fast approaching!"

  4. #emergentcomics Splash page: the emergent zone is a cubic shaped unlimited space with hundreds of visible and millions of (to us) invisible portals leading in and out of it, just like the one the girl and bear came in through.
    The girl's outfit has changed into something sexier, but she's still riding on the bear, who now wears golden battle gear. Only the panda slippers remain unchanged.


    FFFWZAAAAAP! as they step through the portal on the other side.

    BEAR: No, not really...

    SLIPPER 1: Unless you brought a cookie.

    SLIPPER 2: She didn't bring any cookies, ass-wipe.

  5. 2.1 Upper torso shot of bear and girl standing next to each other in a lift. Tinky music sound effects. She has her arms crossed and they look awkward.

    BEAR: .....So, why do you wear a mask?
    GIRL: Why are you a bear?

  6. Thanks, Neill! Can't wait to see what happens next!

  7. I know it's not my turn anymore but this would be my idea:

    Jumping through the portal, the characters are transforming into their emergent selves. Bear: Half-bear-half-man adonis. Girl: Sleek superheroine. Slippers: Mini ninja panda twins. Bear says: "What? You'd preferred sleeping on the sofa?"