Friday, 20 August 2010

Emergent Comics, panel 3: IT GETS WEIRD


Well that got pretty weird pretty fast.

You have all weekend to send in your scripts for what happens next: just tweet your script for the next panel, using the hashtag #emergentcomics! You can check out everyone else's scripts by searching on that hashtag, too, and I would recommend you do so because they are a source of great awesomeness and hilarity. Kudos to you all! Huge thanks to StoopidTallKid for today's suggestion, and indeed to everyone else - I particularly regret not getting to draw the Bear Jet suggested by forzaq8, for example, but them's the breaks.

Here's the page so far!

emergent_comics1 v3

Come back next week, when we'll find out... WHAT'S THROUGH THAT DOOR?

You know, if you want.

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