Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sale of This or Any Other Century

Hey, I made a new shop page on my website, where you can purchase a bunch of my old small-press comics! I'll be adding some more posters, prints and even some new comics soon hopefully, but in the meantime you can purchase:

...issues 1 and 2 of Bulldog: Empire, the series I did with my writer pal Jason Cobley back in 2005-06, which ended up being collected in Best New Manga and kind of pretty much launching my comics 'career'. Such as it is. Also:

Absolute Dumbass, the collection of all three issues of Dumbass Comics, the book I self-published in my teens and early 20s which is - well, which is just a load of absolute nonsense, frankly. Sweary, sweary nonsense. But in a fun way!

Anyway, why not go and have a look and buy some stuff, so I will be rich - RICH I TELL YOU! Or failing that, so I can actually eat next month. Thanks!

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