Sunday, 27 March 2011

Comics, Hills, and Big - REALLY BIG - Pencils

DFC Library Wave 3

Here is some very exciting news to come back from holiday to: it looks like the next batch of DFC Library titles have been officially announced! They are, from L-R:

  • Super Animal Adventure Squad - a hilarious and hugely enjoyable strip by one of my very favourite cartoonists, James Turner,
  • Baggage by The Etherington Brothers- your guess is as good as mine, as excitingly this one is ALL NEW, but based on Bob & Lorenzo's previous form, and the sneak tidbits I've gleaned about it here and there it promises to be pretty mind-boggling, and:
  • The Boss by the marvellous John Aggs and the similarly marvellous (it's genetics, see) Patrice Aggs - one of the great early strips in the DFC, a fantastic mystery crimebusting school story - great mix of old-school British comics feel with something fresh and modern, I'm really happy to see this one being collected.
So yes, hooray for that! And hey, other news: it seems that the aforementioned Bob & Lorenzo Etherington's first DFC Library title, Monkey Nuts, has completely sold out of its first print run! Enormous congratulations, chaps, it's fantastic news and a salutary lesson in what is possible when hard work and indefatigible enthusiasm meet sheer mind-boggling, jaw-dropping talent. GOOD THINGS that's what.

And hey, quick: go buy Mo-bot High WHILE STOCKS LAST.

Asha 600px

Did I mention I'd been on holiday? Look, proof:


Me, awed by the majesty of nature.


Me and the boy, awed by a REALLY BIG PENCIL.

That last one is, in fact, the BIGGEST PENCIL IN THE WORLD, as seen at Cumberland Pencil Museum. Yes, really. That is a place that exists. And we went there. Come on, I'm a comics artist - you think I can see a sign that says 'Pencil Museum' and not go in? Well I cannot.

Right, that's enough of that. More - and possibly, if I don't talk myself out of it again first, a Bit Of An Announcement, tomorrow!

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