Friday, 11 March 2011

Judge Dad


Bedtimes were strictly enforced in the Dredd household.

I was going to save this for Father's Day but, dash it, that's ages off. It was too cute, I had to blog it. A commission of "Judge Dredd, with two little dredds - toddler dredd and baby dredd." Quasi-fascist comic-book anti-heroes and parenting; thanks to Nikki who asked for it, for giving me the excuse to draw something so entirely fun.

Do you know a Dad? Do they have a nerdy thing that they are into? Would you like to buy them a lovely present? Still taking commissions here!


  1. Aww! That's so wrong and yet so right.

  2. It arrived this morning and "the Dad" here LOVED it (I know, I know, I meant to keep it hidden till fathers day, but it was too good not to hand over straight away!)

    Thanks again.. I'm beyond thrilled