Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Giant Robot Design For Beginners

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The summer holidays are looming, and what better way to distract and subdue your children than by introducing them to the fascinating and rewarding art of GIANT ROBOT DESIGN? Simply head over to mobot-high.com where you will find, under the 'Extras' section, a handy worksheet containing several instructive and edifying lessons I have put together ON THIS VERY SUBJECT! You can read them online or download PDF versions to print off and get drawing on! And be sure to check out the Extras section while you're there for a bunch of other fun stuff - more how-to sheets, behind-the-scenes Mo-bot stuff, downloadable CARDBOARD MO-BOT KITS and all manner of such fun things!

The long, hot summer months will fly by, being spent exactly as they should: INSIDE, DRAWING ROBOTS.

Hey, it worked for me.

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I put these together for some recent workshop events (more info on events here), and thought I'd share them with the world. Please, tell your friends and any children of your acquaintance - anyone who likes giant robots, really.

And hey, if they like giant robots - why not buy them a copy of Mo-Bot High? It has such things in, you know.

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