Friday, 15 July 2011

Holy Something Something, Batman

batband inks scan 600px

What if Batman, Scott Pilgrim, a basketball player and a bear started a band? THIS IS WHAT.

This is a commission I drew a little while ago - see, the "draw whatever you want" offer wasn't just talk! Huge thanks to Tim Sismey who commissioned this and gave me the opportunity to draw such a randomly awesome thing, and for giving me permission to repost it here. And a belated happy birthday to Tim's friend Chris, the b-ballin' recipient/star of this piece himself.

I think I might take the commission offer down from my shop soon, as I've got a ton of work on at the moment and am pretty much at full capacity. Aargh, but on the other hand, I do like getting paid money to draw stupid awesome things. Tell you what, I'll leave it up there for another week or two, and then that's that. Get in quick if you want one!


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