Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Blipping myself silly

I have been getting caught up with all the marvelous new timewasting possibilities offered by the internet under the guise of "social networking"1, and I have to say my favourite by far is Blip.FM, a rather clever system that lets you kind of build your own radio station and earn "props" for your musical choices.

It's like having control of the stereo at a party, except no-one can tell you to shut up and play something people actually like. (PHILISTINES). It is diverting, wonderful and hilarious, and I've already discovered some really great music via other people's 'blips'. Go look me up on there at blip.fm/neillcameron, it's way nifty.

Here is a mini embedded version of Neill.FM. I think you will agree it is highly awesome. What's that? Too much hip-hop? PHILISTINES.

I am also on Twitter now, at twitter.com/neillcameron but I'm still kind of getting my head round that.

Any clients / editors reading this: only joking, I work VERY HARD.

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