Thursday, 26 February 2009

Digging in the Crates, #0004-0005

More random sketchbook scans!

Today's date from... circa 2007, I think, and are character designs and random doodlage for a story tentatively titled 'Flotsamville', which is kind of a martial arts fantasy adventure in the Mighty Thumpculture Manner...

#0004: some baddies!

#0005: our heroes!

There's also a tiger involved, I seem to recall.

I'll get to it one of these days...

EDIT: I've left my scrawly notes
on here so as to give an accurate idea of what my sketchbooks look like. I have whole sketchbooks that actually end up mostly full of writing, which is probably kind of ass-backward. But anyway, don't read if you don't want some story I might get round to writing some day vaguely spoiled for you. I just felt I should put that warning in there.

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