Sunday, 15 February 2009

Illustrious Flair

In addition to my work as an internationally renowned (ahem), award-winning (ahem ahem) and perpetually skint creator of comics, I like from time to time to keep the Clan Cameron in room and board by taking on bits of illustration work. For example, here are a couple of spot illos to accompany a magazine article about traffic safety:The moral here, kids, is not to listen to your iPod while crossing the street recklessly on your bicycle.
Anyway, I just had a bit of good news about another bit of recent work - an illustration I did recently for The Teacher magazine, to accompany an article about the phenomenom of 'cyberbullying':

This won the FlairIllustration competition for December-Jan 09 on the website Creativematch. Hooray for me!

I apologise for this nauseating backpatting, and shall attempt to redeem myself by giving you not one but THREE awesome things to look at on the interwebs:

  1. a lengthy and fascinating interview with one of my favourite comics creators, Garen Ewing.
  2. ludicrously awesome work-in-progress homemade Doctor Who Anime
  3. ...okay, I only had two. Go look at me winning that competition again?

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  1. Great stuff, but the burning question of the day is, did you do the no kissing sign on Warrington station, too Neill? :)